Metro Last Light (Xbox 360) Review

“One can hardly imagine the stench, gas mask filters siphoned from the dead, although an improvement from miles of shredded deceased. Flies latch onto Artyom’s mask expecting to feed; they’re not used to seeing something alive. Underground Metro was forced into service, and societies’ morgues have no place. Even the liveliest of towns, one considered a cultural center, are tattered. Bodies lay just outside its doorways. Outskirts, areas split from railways, are havens to outcasts, murderers and rapists committing deeds under the cover of isolation. Last Light carries an unseen morality system, silently judging Artyom’s approach to these stray encounters. Killing is not a free act, carrying consequences that mold the fiction’s close.”

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May 22, 2013 · 2:18 am

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