Ride to Hell: Retribution (Xbox 360) Review


“As we stupefyingly and erroneously seek out gaming’s Citizen Kane, we have instead landed on the societal equal of I Spit on Your Grave, a monstrous 1978 rape fantasy of zero scope or ambition. Ride to Hell is damning, releasing as the industry at large elected to make stepping stones towards equality. It instead continues to shrewdly debase part of its audience without reprieve, creating a vision of uncultured male dominance.

Ride to Hell is perfunctory, shambled pieces of a once noble, freeing, open world biker fantasy revealed in 2008 or so, sliced to revel in its own sub-mediocrity as Deep Silver cashes in squandered development. We live in an era of diversity, respected manufacturer Harley Davidson touting expansive lifestyles surrounding mechanical culture in advertising campaigns. Ride to Hell instead chooses to exist in a Twilight Zone of its own doing, where the only good biker is one holding a knife. Debate swirling around Ride to Hell should be relegated to whether it is more reprehensible in its portrayal of women, motorcycle enthusiasts, or PTSD sufferers.”

Read my full review of Ride to Hell: Retribution at Classic Game Room


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