Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) Review


“Rockstar’s satire, usually an impenetrable artistic barrier, has collapsed in a swell of nonchalant childishness. Items exist to draw comparison, yet that is not inherently amusing. Switching “iPhone” to “iFruit” is comedic bankruptcy, not a statement on society’s growing social indifference with face to face interaction. GTA V works under an assumption that its cruel lunacy will initiate a public dialog on suggested issues, but again, the improbable is not alluring enough in and of itself.”

Read my full Grand Theft Auto V review at Classic Game Room

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One response to “Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) Review

  1. lorie

    Being critical of the sexism, racism and violence portrayed in GTA V is complete acceptable, especially with the massive following that this game commands. But even as people continue to critic GTA, Rockstar games has maintained the negative themes of the the game. While some people call this immature and outrageous satire, this is what makes GTA to stand out from other games.

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