Man of Steel Blu-ray Review


“There is an arrogance in Man of Steel’s marketable appeal, an idea that something bred of established perfection could be made “better.” Everything is better in America as we’re bred to believe, so Warner harnesses writer David S. Goyer (who reignited Batman) to create a better Superman.

Superman has a perfect masculine jaw. He is invincible. He stands for righteousness and hope. He wears the colors of our flag.

Under those conditions, Superman himself is broad arrogance. The idea goes aliens on other planets would appear in our likeness, speak our language, and fight for our principals. They would come to Earth donning America’s red and blue to fend off other invaders. Making him an embodiment of invincibility is bred of the United States’ naïve beliefs as an untouchable super power. Changing him suddenly seems less of an infringement on a cultural icon than it could be.”

Read my full Man of Steel Blu-ray review at DoBlu


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