Ryse (Xbox One) Review


Ryse drapes itself in visual progression, covering up and patching its trivial update to Sega’s 16-bit Golden Axe. Ryse merely manipulates a growing need for spectacular cruelty. Marius becomes a mythical hero, a champion to be celebrated after he maims men wearing animal skins while standing on a ground made of skulls. It is simple fetishistic sword clashing fantasy, where people yell and die in overly loud pockets of conflict. Nothing here is new, but it’s pretty in a sweaty, blood stained, mass grave sort of way.”

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2 responses to “Ryse (Xbox One) Review

  1. B

    Those losers at Microsoft should’ve left the Xbox line at the Xbox 360. They rushed everything with the Xbox one “oh lets make people lazier and unhealthier by cramming everything in one box, and burn holes in their wallets” They should have left at the 360, they’re off to a very very horrible launch start, and it shows that they’re really stupid in what they do now. This is what they get for trying to cram everything into one box. They REALLY messed up. Everyone makes mistakes yes, but when your a reputable company ROBBING and scamming peoples money out of their wallets, you cant give them products like this.

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