Peggle 2 (Xbox One) Review


“Until then, magical words such as “splendiferous” suit Peggle 2, a genuinely chill retread of popularized pachinko. PopCap’s affectionate touches splash Peggle Masters with deliriously adorable animations. They grow worried as games near an end, celebrate fantastical shots, and grow continually shocked as high scores add digits. Backgrounds splurge on secondary faces, particularly a pair of bleating goats who obnoxiously taunt errant shots. It is a frisky and cute overload.

Thus, you cannot hate Peggle 2. That would be like hating kittens who are playing with babies in a field of angelic Tulips at full bloom – all under a rainbow. People can dissect intentions under the auspicious banner of publisher EA or draw conclusions about held back content for the sake of DLC. This review just did. But: Kittens. Rainbows. Babies. Flowers. It is all so beautiful. Enjoy the zen.”

Read my full Peggle 2 review at Blogcritics


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