Deadfall Adventures (Xbox 360) Review


“Fictional adventurer James Lee Quartermain’s starring role occurs in a helpless rut of arduous puzzle execution and derivative mummy slaughter. Made without financial confidence and stitched together with gunky coding, Deadfall Adventure’s ideas are wedged somewhere between Indiana Jones’ mythology and classless Syfy Channel drudgery. Deadfall creates a concept of ice mummies, never once smiling at its conceptual inanity.

That is Quartermain’s problem as well, readily accepting mythological Mayan freak shows and remarking on them with the stunted effect of bad line reading. His disinterested, scruffy facade is an amalgamation of what dapper, ’40s era heroes often were – sans soul or measurable spunk. Joined by a female archaeologist, Quartermain’s scornful sexism is billed as sarcasm; it’s the center of Deadfall’s insufferable fizzled humor.”

Read my full review of Deadfall Adventures at Blogcritics

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