Shadow Warrior (PS4) Review

Shadow Warrior_20141025210604

“In that mix is a criss-crossing of Asian cultures, teetering on the lines of sensible good taste in the way only westerners fail to distinguish between foreign lands. Flashback to Charlie Chan and Fu Manchu; they’re both blanketed over Lo Wang in a disrespectful hodge podge. For most of Shadow Warrior, the joke is meant to cascade over those who are riotously slashing at underworld demons. Then for whatever reason, Shadow Warrior sees itself dipping into loosely religious codes for honor and respect as if a video game playing on the nature of “Wang” should carry those allegiances. Credit is due though for this showcase of stereotyping hutzpah, which is stupid and dangerous in current social climates which seek inclusiveness, but it’s comically daring despite the flip-flopping tonality.”

Read my full review of Shadow Warrior at Pulp365


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