The Order: 1886 (PS4) Review

The Order: 1886_20150220105424

“It also protects the superficial (yet ravishing) display of technology. Bricks are sweaty, London’s fog permeates the October air, and gloomy aesthetics create a visible odor. And these are not only direct signs of the locale. The Order’s equivalent of production design – stacked with disheveled bookshelves and the influence of Tesla’s adolescent electrical trickery – relives an era of mutton chops and top hats, albeit enhanced for modern tastes. Thermite and head exploding shock guns ahoy. Oh, and The Order openly demands you play by the whims of its firearm selection. Guns are not a choice. The Order’s rules as a game are clear.”

Read my full review of The Order: 1886 at GameSkinny


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