Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (Wii U) Review


“Kirby is best used in interactive lullabies. The music is splendidly catchy, but hushed. Challenge is not appreciated. In fact, Kirby’s best, the Wii’s Epic Yarn, did not let the puffy critter have lives to be concerned with. He was invincible. When Kirby rolls in, it’s to introduce a free day of adventuring, like a child’s perspective of Saturday mornings – where anything is possible.

Rainbow Curse is more of an interactive scribble. It’s disjointed and coarse. Time is not spent adventuring so much as it is hoping a permanently rolling Kirby follows the colored lines that have been sloppily sketched out on the Game Pad. The control methodology is unnecessarily strenuous, without a positive end. Rainbow Curse is less Kirby and more Nintendo selling their device’s (so far) unseen necessity with limiting functionality.”

Read my full review of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse at GameSkinny


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