Ori and the Blind Forest (Xbox One) Review


“Its landscapes are breathtaking, its use of light evocative. The animation has an exotic touch, and the resulting motion is consistently emotive. Somehow, this is for naught. A pretty background, with exquisite brush strokes and alluring colors, is lifeless if no one sees it – a painting worthy to hang in the halls of a museum, but in a corner without illumination and located where few ever go.

Ori is difficult, needlessly so. There are many who would play Ori, or would want to rather, but they would become dejected. This is what is unfair, not only the difficulty itself. Nothing would be better than an Ori reachable by all; if only the experience was almost the same as Disney masterworks being approachable by all ages putting a disc in a machine or clicking a button on the internet.”

Read my full review or Ori and the Blind Forest at GameSkinny

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