The Babadook Blu-ray Review


“Babadook’s style is visually rattling with closed-in walls, deepened color, and distancing coldness surrounding the main set’s home interior. A widowed mother, her eyes pale and sleepless, wanders these claustrophobic and shrunken hallways. Her son Robbie (Noah Wiseman) is nearing seven. He’s troubled. He sees things, dark things, which propel him beyond normal childhood fantasies and cause him to violently act out in fear.

But this is only part of Babadook. It a film about a children’s book. It is unknown where the piece of pop-up fiction came from but soon it will be obvious, then joyless. Babadook sterilizes nothing. An allegory of death and failing to let go looms. The grip always grows stronger.”

Read my full Blu-ray review of The Babadook at DoBlu


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