Editorial: Shenmue III and Kickstarter

“Games ceased being $60 products ages ago; they’re now hundreds-of-dollars investments across a multitude of ever-thinning digitally downloaded expansions and merchandise. Loyalty is measured in dollars spent and games owned. How many games have you pre-ordered this week? How much did you spend on the last Steam sale? You have all the expansions for Destiny, right?

And now Sony is asking fans to front the costs for a major (albeit niche) game that will almost certainly wind up being a PS4 exclusive. Suzuki’s project has broken Kickstarter records on the backs of people willing to pay money for a product that doesn’t yet exist, because a company knew how to market emotions. The barrier between consumer and corporations is dwindling. Maybe there isn’t one at all anymore. This is not capitalism—it’s a twisted and disfigured form of commerce, and it worked, and it will work again, when the next company tries it.”

Read my full editorial concerning Shenmue III on Playboy


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