Yoshi’s Woolly World is Crafted Serenity


“Now it’s Yoshi’s turn to be that cleverly beautiful, graced with a visual pluckiness and backing from delicate piano keys. Both games play like gentle lullabies, delightful in their easiness and attractive in their quaintness. They’re seen through child-like vision—how could they not be? Ease of play is nostalgic, catchy stage themes recede into the vintage, and the aesthetic form feels built by physical hands.

“Death” in Woolly World is an adorable oops. The music doesn’t stop—no discordant themes play. Few games reach for such tranquility. Another Yoshi is waiting and a soft fade acts as a cushioned transition. All of those pitfalls are probably stacked with mattresses too.”

Read my full thoughts on Yoshi’s Woolly World at Playboy

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