Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Shows Nintendo’s Progress


“Accessibility is often underrated, even under-appreciated. There is a reason the Wii darted into mainstream stardom, blindsiding the insular, closed off corners of the usual game marketplace. Ultra Smash has the same appeal of before, so empty and sparse, yet invigorating to someone unfamiliar with video games in general. Nintendo’s lean offering is one of the few still trying to appease new or newer players. Nintendo still sees a premium in simplicity, even if it could mean ostracizing their dedicated followers. They did it before and they’re trying it again, even if the surprising surge of original Wii adopters have mostly moved on to mobile platforms for their gaming.”

Read my full piece on Mario Tennis Ultra Smash on Playboy

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One response to “Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Shows Nintendo’s Progress

  1. Phantom Stranger

    I played a casual game of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash and enjoyed it as someone that was once a big fan of Mario Tennis on the N64. I probably would have preferred it if they had toned down the “smash” nature of its gameplay, but it’s very simple to pick up and mash buttons.

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