Video Games Live at 10


“Attendees such as the cosplayer skew younger, but generations can be equal. A child next to me in Toledo, 11 years old at the most, was lost in his own head trying to stay interested in Castlevania tracks from the ’80s. He failed and skimmed the free program they handed out at the door. An elderly gentleman on the deck below never moved, stood, or clapped, seemingly confounded by the laser lights, fog machine, and special guest metal rocker “Viking Jesus.”

Note these specific instances were visible solely for their inaction in a sea of action. Those who get it—and to be clear, it’s a staggering majority of the near 1700 seated in Toledo—are as jazzed as Tallarico. They’re hollering, they’re clapping, they’re screaming, they’re yelling for songs. An even younger child below the balcony section sent his hand into the air and head banged through a heavy metal rendition of Pokemon.”

Read my full feature on Video Games Live at Playboy

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