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NBA 2K17 Review


“As great as MyPark and Pro-Am are in theory, both modes’ leaderboards are too full of players that appear to have paid their way upward. Regardless of where MyCareer gameplay happens, the slog of leveling eases with NBA 2K17’s Virtual Currency, which can be bought in amounts that range from $2 to $100. While gameplay skill factors in, high player ratings carry obvious and substantial impact, with less urgency to improve for higher VC payouts. Never mind how this comes at odds with the hard work and success theme of Aaron Covington’s story.”

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Evolve (PS4) Review


“Humans are the invasive species on Evolve’s planet Shear, although no one seems to notice or care, the same callous attitude shared with those insensitive Cabela diversions, the latter game-dom’s gun-toting nadir. Much of the dialog exchanged between four shamelessly caricatured mercenaries in Evolve is too vapid for such an exploration of the possibly provocative concept. There are creatures to kill, after all, during an otherwise alluring map-wide hunt.”

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WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review


“So much of this celebrates WWE’s power. It’s a vision of capitalism from the titanic capitalist Vince McMahon: Fans are drenched in overpriced neon shirts decorated with wrestler phrases, they chant in unison, become part of the show, and sit enthralled as razzle dazzle video packages burn onto a projected video screen larger than some small countries – which in turn touts real world sponsors. It’s just like TV, only here you pay $60 to simulate the simulation.”

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