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Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4) Review

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151108124848

“Clues mean torture, which is okay because the results lead to more shoot-outs. In trying to convince an audience that torture is reasonable, dialog piles on eye-rolling commentary: “Besides, he’s an f’n terrorist,” seconds before hemorrhaging the victim’s brain. Everything must be approached in a blockbuster, low attention span theater way. Black Ops III turns itself sideways trying to expose the possible cost of not torturing – the loss of 300,000 people in a cataclysmic explosion could have been stopped if only we suffocated more people beforehand.

Fear still works, only now instead of an inconvenience at the airport, people are paying $60 for the privilege of seeing their fears justified.”

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Transformers Devastation and Nostalgia

TRANSFORMERS: Devastation_20151007141541

Devastation becomes a surprising honorific, not to the Hasbro marketing that has kept this franchise alive, but to those often unspoken animators who gave it all life. And they’re overdue for credit. Playing in something designed to mimic their work is a grand tribute.

How easy it would be to rely on the branding alone! Childhood sentimentality always sells. Devastation grasps why the sentimentality exists at all.”

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 (PS4) Review

Tony Hawk's® Pro Skater™ 5_20150930212158

“Activision has shipped a video game on a disc which does not contain advertised features. This is the industry’s egregious anti-consumer attitude in action, the worst offense since Microsoft sent a $400 video game console to stores which needed day one updates to even function. Put in Tony Hawk 5 without grabbing a mammoth, data sapping 7GB+ patch and only limited content (plus creation options) are available. Preservationists can commence crying.”

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Geometry Wars 3 (Xbox One) Review


Geometry Wars 3 begins to ask how far is too far removed from intent. Once backed by pure black backgrounds to imitate the density of arcade-dom’s early CRT screens, Dimensions now exists in a psychedelic trance with whirling colors, and in front sits the bleak grid (or sphere, or pill, or other shapes). Two-dimensional movement is shattered by flipping partitions, blinding to the typical full screen orientation. Hiding image parts in mystery feels dishonest and falsely imposing. But, it’s an ancient entertainment adage: Keep it fresh, keep it new.”

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox One) Review


Advanced Warfare thus turns into an opposing statement on selling war, seemingly without noticing Call of Duty’s own lucrativeness is doing the same thing. Whether an entertainment venue or private military contractor is irrelevant; they both exist to glamorize the unglamorous.

And really, this is all glamor with the production value of Hollywood and the showy technical gusto to texturally render pores on Kevin Spacey’s digital face rather than film the actor himself. Point-to-point, Advanced Warfare guns down spawning streams of rival militants and terror groups in a near future almost too cozy with normalcy. Illogically holographic computer hardware and mechanical Exo Suits are comfort food futurism born of Tom Clancy-isms.”

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PS4) Review


“Beenox’s work is symbolic of a software pandemic awaiting the transition to all-digital. Whereas these tattered movie-licensed games may be shuffled onto others via physical resale with mild karmic consequences, digital has no such reprieve. Massaging patches into retail strains as a solution is an absurd idea anyway; Spider-Man 2 will remain unplayable to those without a connection to PSN, let alone those looking for historical perspective in a future where server-based lifelines have been cut. Beenox’s rushed production is broken forever.”

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Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) Review


Call of Duty has gone beyond the serendipitous blending of first-person shooter and summer blockbuster. It has turned into Rambo III or even Armageddon, which flip up the American flag in a display of empty Patriotism. This is not support for country or glimpse of what may have been (or be) so much as it is soulless rhetoric. This aptitude for malignant shooters has created a culture around the maiming of intruders which we continue to digest even without change.”

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Deadpool (Xbox 360) Review


“Deadpool’s world is one of internet memes, lusciously delicious pancakes, and failed misogyny, not necessarily in that order. Our effervescent, often delusional hero demolishes fourth walls as a hyper active star of his own video game, stopping to take well endowed, controlled bathroom breaks for the delight of a consistently acknowledged player.”

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