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Holy Totalitarianism, Batman


“But Arkham Knight’s Batman is not warning anyone. Free from oversight, Batman has constructed a spy network, integrated with a police state, held citizens against their will and constructed a multi-ton transforming tank – for protection. He is now a well-armored, bulky and implausibly powerful unrestricted figure, looming overhead on Gothic architecture as private conversations stream into a headset. He needs no militia; he is one.”

Read my full piece on Arkham Knight in issue #68 of Unwinnable

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Batman: Arkham Origins (Xbox 360) Review


“Despite the humbled opening strokes of fresh allegiances, Origins is frustratingly respectful. This prequel is never gifted with a fresh identity, nor something to consider as a defining signature of Warner Montreal’s touch. With a new developer, this is an invitation for freshness and instead comes across as something meant to fit in quarterly reports. Time is dwindling for current generation consoles, and Origins exists to profit from one needless, finalized cap before stretching muscles on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

Read my full Batman: Arkham Origins review at Classic Game Room

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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (3DS) Review


“Consider it a throwback to Arkham Asylum, where generalized design problem solving was raised in importance over polished intangibles. Blackgate drifts to success on its genre allure, that overwhelming sense of gratification when areas open their doors or location driven quests are passed. Seeking what amounts to red or blue keycards is a perilous design sin in modern gaming, yet Blackgate finds a way to make it sensible and read rationally in the universe of Bruce Wayne.”

Read my full review of Batman: Arkham Asylum Blackgate at Classic Game Room

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