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All the President’s Men Blu-ray Review


“Scandal is easy now. Any movement is enough to spur an uprising of fringe websites on either side as they explode with something that counters ideology. That’s normalcy to a point where a, “Thanks, Obama” meme was created to mimic the influx of short lived, high traffic flare ups. President’s Men puts lives at risk while interviews are conducted in cruddy parking garages to an almost surreal level. Woodward and Bernstein were after careers as much as they were the truth. Content was truly king.”

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Man of Steel Blu-ray Review


“There is an arrogance in Man of Steel’s marketable appeal, an idea that something bred of established perfection could be made “better.” Everything is better in America as we’re bred to believe, so Warner harnesses writer David S. Goyer (who reignited Batman) to create a better Superman.

Superman has a perfect masculine jaw. He is invincible. He stands for righteousness and hope. He wears the colors of our flag.

Under those conditions, Superman himself is broad arrogance. The idea goes aliens on other planets would appear in our likeness, speak our language, and fight for our principals. They would come to Earth donning America’s red and blue to fend off other invaders. Making him an embodiment of invincibility is bred of the United States’ naïve beliefs as an untouchable super power. Changing him suddenly seems less of an infringement on a cultural icon than it could be.”

Read my full Man of Steel Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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The Bling Ring Blu-ray Review


“We’re drawn to these stories for a reason, making ourselves feel better internally as we shake our heads in disbelief at these societal breakdowns. We become smug and indifferent to a home schooling mother utilizing bizarre celebrity philosophy to raise her children, even as they show limited to no response. We laugh at their audacity, and mourn a failure of respect systems which have crumbled through generational gaps.

And yet we watch. We soak it in. We make movies about them.”

Read my full Bling Ring Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Blu-ray Review


Oz skips and hops with a genuine effervescence, igniting into songs so catchy as to infect our childhoods and shower adulthood with shared nostalgia. It’s an inviting performance piece where actors bend and contort to craft character from mannerisms or movement. It’s where make-up and suit work avoid dominating realism and settle into a nook of comfortable playfulness. It’s where stars such as Judy Garland can lead from ingrained talent while surrounded by eye catching sets and kaleidoscopic costumes.”

Read my full Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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The Little Mermaid 3D Blu-ray Review


Little Mermaid is easy to criticize for its pale imagination in storytelling – a love struck female existing only to lust over a square-jawed prince – hitting fantasy cliché branches before being clubbed over the head by the boards they would make. But, Little Mermaid rushes in with complications to a simpleton narrative, and ushers in side characters with whimsy to push away from nauseatingly generic tropes of princess fiction. Romance is bumpy and still heartfelt, intruded on yet still determined.”

Read my full Little Mermaid Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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Pacific Rim Blu-ray Review


“Add a masterpiece of a grizzled score from Ramin Djawadi, a rare instance of modern theme work, and Pacific Rim refuses to let go. Blending motifs of energized video game scoring and shifting to orchestrated, four note dread for kaiju, Djawadi’s work is stirring. This is more than a critical roller coaster, but a genuine splash of genre appreciation, filled with celebratory tropes paying respectful homage to every era and type of giant monster spectacle. Any misalignment is inconsequential in the scope of geeky credibility.”

Read my full Pacific Rim Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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Night of the Living Dead (1968) Blu-ray Review


Living Dead is proud of its cultural abrasiveness, audaciously casting an African American lead as Civil Rights overloaded political circles in the late ’60s. Jabs at established religion center a film which feels rogue, not only for its shadowy cinematography and “off the cuff” filmmaking ideals, but also its ham hock gore with snippets of casually employed nudity. Undressed black & white photography glazes events with surreal genius.”

Read my full Night of the Living Dead Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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The Blob (1958) Criterion Blu-ray Review


“Unfairly criticized effects take a snapshot of ingenuity, a cinematic time capsule of cardboard backgrounds and silicone gel representing a ferocious outer space being plunging its goopy grip cross town. With its pulse on the necessities of box office bonanzas, Blob paralleled ineptitude and kitschy concepts of clunkers such as Bert I. Gordon’s insufferably stupid (plus pointlessly enjoyable) Beginning of the End. Yet, producers of The Blob decided to dazzle, jerking monster pictures from low-rent black & white origins into a splendor of brilliant color. Redness of the eponymous Blob would become iconic.”

Read my full review of The Blob Blu-ray at DoBlu

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What Maisie Knew Blu-ray Review


“While endured through the eyes of childhood, Maisie is vicious with its depiction of contentious adults, and never seeks commentary or reasoning. Maisie’s world just is. Events progress in suitably staggered fashion, unexpected lapses in care or narrow mindsets complicating a scenario in disconcerting upheaval. Maisie ends on what audiences should suspect is cleanly, freeing positivity, and not without giving its central character a meaningful voice where she otherwise had none.”

Read my full What Maisie Knew Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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Sword in the Stone Blu-ray Review


“Merlin’s inadvertent entanglement is meant to brush aside the boy’s tepid shyness, breaking his sheepish shell while pushing relevant messages of acceptance under whimsical animation. Sword in the Stone never settles, blossoming into a flurry of transformations no less technically daunting on pencil & paper than modernized computer routines. Screechy Madam Mim, practitioner of dark magic, clashes with Merlin in wild animal rumbling. Superfluous as the series of jaunty battles may be, they effortlessly pull in younger audiences with their dashes of saturation.”

Read my full Blu-ray of Sword in the Stone at DoBlu

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