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Oblivion Blu-ray Review


“Oblivion douses itself in allure, immediately undergoing rounds of audience questioning, I.e., why, if Earth’s surface sea water is central to mankind’s Titan survival, is a miniscule skeleton crew left to guard these mammoth delivery mechanisms? Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) provides near robotic companionship to Jack, both as a lover and endearingly cheerful, optimistic compatriot in their defense mission. Oblivion’s beauty, spaciously white with bulbous futurism in its designs, is unnervingly uncomfortable for more than mankind’s peril.”

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Evil Dead (2013) Blu-ray Review


“Production values represent a financial donation to horror elitists, gracing them with spectacular lighting design, make-up work of repulsively luxurious quality, and a climax of such ludicrously bloody scale as to unseat any prior hemoglobin champion. Evil Dead is shouting for attention with each act of explosive body degradation.”

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Upside Down Blu-ray Review


“Modern fairy tales flaunt their worlds. Upside Down is rightfully proud of its majesty, and unconcerned with its rules. No one questions why Hansel & Gretel approach a candy home; there is no attempt to play into its logic. Upside Down requires the use of rules to function, and throws them to the wayside to serve as a playing field for wayward lovers. Juan Solanas’ piece is fixated on minor incidents as his world burgeons with class discrimination, erupting war, corporate lockdowns, and inhuman law. Adam and Eden are incapable of superseding the importance of those elements until a protracted ending slips in a notion to contrary, a twist that lends more value in what is to come than what the audience just saw.”

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The Great Escape (Blu-ray) Review


Great Escape is a film about determination, yes, but also impeccable ingenuity in spite of opposing rifles. Methodologies are built through character, assignments bridged by personality and carried out through frantic midnight runs. Unlike flashy spectacles built strictly for American escapism, Germans here are not indispensably stupid so much as blindsided by the sheer will of the inmates. It plays uniquely fair, on equal ground as a battle of wits commences between warring sides.”

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