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Aladdin Blu-ray Review


Aladdin would likely (and sadly) bomb in 2015 given its setting, even if this story is catapulted by a slew of American additions. Aladdin (Scott Weinger) finds success on his own, without family. Each key character is espousing American values of freedom – Aladdin to escape poverty, Jasmine (Linda Larkin) to leave her castle, Jafar (Johnathan Freeman) to rise above his crooked underling status. Even Genie wishes for a life away from a master commanding him to grant wishes.”

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Cinderella (2015) Blu-ray Review


“Disney’s streak of live action fairy tale adaptations can be branded as feminine super hero stories, where women use their internal resolve and might to thwart whatever the evil may be. Heroines are capable of battle without weapons or powers, only their instincts. Cinderella works even as the story may be derided for the “marry rich” subtext. This edition tweaks and lessens controlling dialog: “… if she wishes to marry the Prince,” instead of “will marry.” The touch is a clever modernization.”

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Maleficent Blu-ray Review


“In this way, Maleficent brings together the storytelling artistry of old Disney and the contemporary humor of a more cutthroat, broadly entertaining Disney fairy tale update. None of the action reeks of the tightly clenched seriousness of Snow White and the Huntsman or the unchecked absurdity of Tim Burton’s Alice. Often, Maleficent is raw beauty, celebrating the silhouetted form as a sign of unnerving danger and the splendor of daydreaming colors in fields teeming with life to celebrate good.”

Read my full Maleficent Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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Guardians of the Galaxy (Theatrical) Review


“Maybe there is a sensibility we, the audience, have been trained and lured into this. So out there is Guardians, it tips the logistical scales with talking rodents and his tree compatriot. This is the side of Marvel’s comics they typically hid from mainstream audiences, where names such as the twisting Yondu Udonta and Korath are spoken with ease. Once, this film studio strove to make Iron Man a real entity – or at least as real as something of his ilk could be. They crafted Incredible Hulk into emotional metaphors of confusion, loss, and uncontrolled rage.

Now we have pro wrestler Dave Bautista in rusty make-up battling the green skinned Zoe Saldana. What a world.”

Read my full review of Guardians of the Galaxy at DoBlu

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Frozen Blu-ray Review


“Despite some flubs with regards to set-up and delivery, Frozen is studio magic, raw stage showmanship blessed with Disney’s penchant for animated charm. Decade’s after Walt’s death, audiences receive an animated spectacle without the unnecessary spark of named actors, choosing instead a squad of pros who invigorate a torrent of lively songs built on plot driving whimsey.”

Read my full Frozen Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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DuckTales Remastered (Xbox 360) Review


“Fan fondness for the 8-bit classic is not birthed aside from flattened nostalgia, but rather platforming perfectionism courtesy of the Capcom/Disney marriage. It would continue to spawn quality recreations from Chip & Dale to Darkwing Duck (and others), but the affection is here, honored graciously. Respect is shown for the source material, show and game alike.  DuckTales has now been honored as a deserving and distinguished part of essential gaming canon.”

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Disney’s Planes (Wii U) Review


“Smacking of current trends, softening offspring from potential failure, Planes smites players by removing impacting interactivity for musty – if colorful – flights of helpful activities. Scornful depictions of national stereotypes (El Chupacabra a broadly painted Mexican Lucha Libre) smile as they dust crops, paint barns, or magnetize forklifts, superficial activities with no means of failure. Even missing one of three target times (or scores) provides a shiny bronze, “You tried!” badge.”

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Sword in the Stone Blu-ray Review


“Merlin’s inadvertent entanglement is meant to brush aside the boy’s tepid shyness, breaking his sheepish shell while pushing relevant messages of acceptance under whimsical animation. Sword in the Stone never settles, blossoming into a flurry of transformations no less technically daunting on pencil & paper than modernized computer routines. Screechy Madam Mim, practitioner of dark magic, clashes with Merlin in wild animal rumbling. Superfluous as the series of jaunty battles may be, they effortlessly pull in younger audiences with their dashes of saturation.”

Read my full Blu-ray of Sword in the Stone at DoBlu

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