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DuckTales Remastered (Xbox 360) Review


“Fan fondness for the 8-bit classic is not birthed aside from flattened nostalgia, but rather platforming perfectionism courtesy of the Capcom/Disney marriage. It would continue to spawn quality recreations from Chip & Dale to Darkwing Duck (and others), but the affection is here, honored graciously. Respect is shown for the source material, show and game alike.  DuckTales has now been honored as a deserving and distinguished part of essential gaming canon.”

Read my full DuckTales Remastered review at Blogcritics

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DuckTales Remastered: Better Off Dead?


“We have changed. Our games are easier, lengthier, and more astute, yet pinning WayForward to a wall over decisions made 20 years ago, within what are now unfathomable hardware limitations, is ludicrous. DuckTales was specially crafted for a consumer market of broad differences from our own, and to spawn bile due to swinging expectations is to show voluminous disdain for a near incalculable swatch of our history, not only Capcom’s Disney success story.”

Read the full editorial at MultiplayerGames.com

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