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Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour’s Expected Blunders

EA SPORTS™ Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR®_20150722202618

“EA’s bungling of NBA Live is even more remarkable, a stop-and-restart, cross-generational saga of stumbling releases leading to the late cancellation of a hyped rebranding—NBA Elite 11 was recalled days before fully shipping to stores. The full NBA fiasco, finally sorted by 2014, eventually led to an apology from the developers. “We fell short,” wrote Executive Producer Sean O’Brien—this after promotional teasers sold the next-gen basketball rebirth as “ultimate” because “science.” Falling short—and realizing it only in preparation to sell the following year’s iteration—has become EA Sports’ most enduring tradition, and Rory’s debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is just upholding it.”

Read my full piece on Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour on Playboy.com



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Battlefield Hardline (PS4) Review

Battlefield™ Hardline_20150319222510

“It’s actually bland, safe in the way high dollar corporately produced entertainment often is – no overt symbolism lest they appear to stand for something, even though EA has released a video game about American police with the title Battlefield. They have given police the same weapons as their military series and swerve from the obvious societal irony. Subversiveness is lost for the sake of the awkwardly commercial.”

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NBA Live 15 (PS4) Review


“It’s a brand-over-player approach. The young Trailblazer star may politely reinstate EA Sports troubled NBA Live with his voice work, however the camera is drawn toward logos. Half court practice arenas are swallowed by the light emanating from Adidas’ background iconography. Scoreboards burn from the punishing white contrast flooding in from those three angular stripes. Then it pans down, not to Lillard, but his shoes. Turns out, it is the shoes to EA.”

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Madden NFL 15 (Xbox One) Review


“The developer follows a scripted pathway as enforced by the NFL in co-beneficial nepotism, which tends to sidestep reality for the betterment of their own PR campaigns. Scandals, off-field idiocy, abuse; you won’t find these seemingly weekly examples of spoiled millionaires cruising from their course of luxury. Madden is just the football for the sake of its simulation as much as it is a promotional tool meant to convey an image of glossy perfection. By default, Madden rarely exhibits penalty calls lest these players be seen negatively.”

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Titanfall (Xbox 360) Review


“As much as summer blockbusters theatrically bleed together with their fattening computer generated brouhaha, so does Titanfall. Indistinguishable assault rifle characteristics melt away without end user flare ups because Titanfall is ephemeral. Hype will vanish and leave a wireframe facade. EA can thus further soften their development costs sans budget boosting narratives while preservationists cringe at how to hold this identity-less shooter together long term. No one wins except the publisher.”

Read my full review of Titanfall (Xbox 360) at Blogritics

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Peggle 2 (Xbox One) Review


“Until then, magical words such as “splendiferous” suit Peggle 2, a genuinely chill retread of popularized pachinko. PopCap’s affectionate touches splash Peggle Masters with deliriously adorable animations. They grow worried as games near an end, celebrate fantastical shots, and grow continually shocked as high scores add digits. Backgrounds splurge on secondary faces, particularly a pair of bleating goats who obnoxiously taunt errant shots. It is a frisky and cute overload.

Thus, you cannot hate Peggle 2. That would be like hating kittens who are playing with babies in a field of angelic Tulips at full bloom – all under a rainbow. People can dissect intentions under the auspicious banner of publisher EA or draw conclusions about held back content for the sake of DLC. This review just did. But: Kittens. Rainbows. Babies. Flowers. It is all so beautiful. Enjoy the zen.”

Read my full Peggle 2 review at Blogcritics

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Battlefield 4 (PS3) Review


“While punctuated with awe, levels lock into their mixture of open field warfare scrunched between those uncontrolled highs. Battlefield remains a product of choice with regards to its encounters, sprawled over fields or weirdly barren downtown sectors. Battlefield is the rare shooter which lets air breathe and the power of its best in class audio design saturate as opposed to the stubborn insistence of residual music to amplify drama. In actuality, the gunfight should be enough to elicit sparks of tension. Cinematic scoring can act as a bandage to push artificial pacing. Battlefield wants none of it.”

Read my full Battlefield 4 review at Blogcritics

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