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Fantastic Four (2015) Blu-ray Review


“Integral to the Fantastic Four as characters is acceptance – being okay with differences, making the most out of what you are, even if that is “fantastically” unique. Here being different means being confined to rooms or being forced to hide out in a secluded forest until an inter-dimensional madmen opens a black hole. For what they were, the mid-2000 Fantastic Four films made the title heroes superstars. They were loved and appreciated by society at large for their unique qualities. The reboot reviles their existence, treating them like disabled animals in cages to serve an agenda of authoritative paranoia.”

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Alien Isolation (PS4) Review


Alien Isolation is unequivocally a sequel to 1979’s horror icon Alien – you can tell because it lacks the nuance. Sequels always do. Ridley Scott’s Alien was a film about anxiety and a drooling, emotionally empty killing machine. It was about isolation too. Deeper, it was a film about character, femininity’s progress, and on subversive levels, about rebirth in the midst of hyper-sexualization. None of that will sell video games though. Rather, the fear does.”

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