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Godzilla (1984) Blu-ray Review


“In the back-half remains a big event monster picture, one elegant and ferocious despite some notably imperfect scenery. Godzilla’s obliteration of the Japanese mainland defense with a single breath connects to the allegory; Japan’s vulnerable against an irradiated threat. Once on land, Godzilla is less destructive than prior, more curious when dwarfed by the country’s growing economic status. Compare Godzilla 1954 and Godzilla 1984; the startling Western-like growth of the creature’s usual stomping grounds shows a country high in economic confidence, but in a film antsy about loss. The emblematic contrast is genuine.”

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The New ‘Godzilla’ Game is Shockingly Accurate

Godzilla understands the Eastern reverence for what is not only a licensed movie character, but something with great symbolism within Japan’s greater historical context. Japan is a country with bronzed statues and a hotel dedicated to the monster. The alteration of Godzilla’s Hiroshima/Nagasaki legacy is distressing (the 2014 American Godzilla film is guilty too), yet what remains is distinctively Japanese.

It’s respectful, proud even, of a nation’s personality and their resourcefulness in mastering their peculiar special effects form. Godzilla regards the character’s identity and invention as sacred even if these necessary changes are uncomfortable to the accepted norms of interactive media.”

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Godzilla vs Megalon Blu-ray Review


“Megalon bides its time. It has to: Godzilla doesn’t show up for an hour, meaning this paper thin script has to drum up some enthusiasm with Robert Dunham attempting to salvage this thing as the king of Seatopia, a tortured underground civilization. For reasons unknown, Japan has begun frequently testing nukes below the surface, igniting this barren war where villains spill entire plots to the heroes and continually find themselves knocked out by punches, model airplanes, or the ludicrous production design. And consider this: Godzilla is actually defending Japan’s rights to use nuclear weapons in this movie. Two decades prior, he was the bomb’s physical embodiment.”

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Godzilla vs The Sea Monster Blu-ray Review


Sea Monster is an icon for its definitive shift into series playfulness, and extracting value from the deflated budget means taking in the sprawling color or lush jungle setting. As of this feature, mini foliage and barren miniature sets were not yet ubiquitous. Instead, it’s the one where Godzilla shows affection toward a human female, scratches his nose, cooks a shaggy condor, and hits up a jig as he squashes fighter jets. In that mix, he broils seafood while an energetic cast works to stave nuclear annihilation.”

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Godzilla (1998) Mastered in 4K Blu-ray Review


“Godzilla’s appearance, musty and filtered through rapidly fading visual effect intensity, is audacious for its change, certainly idiotic for its disrespect. Godzilla’s fault is not strictly within creature design – Toho would misdirect their own creation themselves often – but in action. America’s ill-fitted interpretation is a clumsy oaf who damages scenic New York vistas out of sheer accident. “GINO” (Godzilla In Name Only) bumbles through 34th street, nicking buildings with his tail. Were cityscapes built for his girth, blocks would be left untouched in this excruciatingly lengthy 138-minute dud.”

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