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Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) Review


“Rockstar’s satire, usually an impenetrable artistic barrier, has collapsed in a swell of nonchalant childishness. Items exist to draw comparison, yet that is not inherently amusing. Switching “iPhone” to “iFruit” is comedic bankruptcy, not a statement on society’s growing social indifference with face to face interaction. GTA V works under an assumption that its cruel lunacy will initiate a public dialog on suggested issues, but again, the improbable is not alluring enough in and of itself.”

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Saints Row IV (Xbox 360) Review


“Through its other work, Saints Row IV slanders 24-hour television media and its aggressive, fear escalating reporting style, all within reach of mainstream mockery. Volition’s supposedly DLC-born sequel is no less involved in cultural stupidity than the franchise was prior, or rather once it left the skin of Grand Theft Auto’s lesser to dig into its lurid frame. This series is smarter than its passe pop culture zingers and newfound Dubstep guns would suggest. Inside lies a perversely sharp witted peak at our failings.”

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