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Son of Kong Blu-ray Review


“Denham’s financially strained situations relate, and the promise of a mythical pot of gold embedded in Skull Island’s rocks is enough to spur him – or anyone of the period – into a hunt. It would be work after all. Son of Kong makes for a reasonable depression-era story medley, despite the fantastical inclusion of an albino ape. Even Denham’s shipmates turns mutinous; they’re not being paid a living wage. Son of Kong hits at the nation’s turmoil and doesn’t seem as dated now as it once did.”

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On King Kong (2005)


“Peter Jackson’s King Kong is a film of total, unrelenting excess. No wonder: America’s economic prosperity under the housing bubble allowed for it. Three years later and host studio Universal may not have been so generous to Jackson’s wishes. Maybe we didn’t need this Kong in 2005 so much as we did in 2008.”

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King Kong Escapes Blu-ray Review


Escapes is a hokey travesty to non-Toho devotees, a clumpy dose of ’60s kitsch with America’s prodigious simian playing host. Those accustomed to Asian kaiju receive one of the studio’s mischievous adventures with a lushness in its variety. Tramping through Santa’s domain at the North Pole; uprooting trees on a monster infused Mondo Island; breaking Tokyo Tower’s steel; Escapes becomes a glutton for colorful playfulness.”

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