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The Making of Splatterhouse (2010)

‘“Everyone on the team drew a straw,” Robinson continues. “That straw meant you had to fix any bug in the game, and you had to be on call. It was close to 20 of us. I would show up at 4, 5 o’clock, and I would produce my other games until 6 or 7. Everyone would submit their last overnight build and I would play until the morning. As soon as I hit a bug, I’d call up whoever was in charge that day, they would run in, fix it, and I would start the play cycle again. We gained 22 days back.”’

Read my full story on the development of Splatterhouse at Polygon

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce (3DS) Review


“Japan’s Super Sentai television has a heart of flamboyancy. Suited actors flop in earnest, miniature buildings are tackled, and punctual martial arts fill space until mammoth robots with equally mammoth swords can burst into flames to scorch the latest opposition. Only the inherent goofiness can supersede the energy invested into the whiz-bang visual splendor.

That is arguably why Power Rangers video games, despite a number of clean 16-bit brawlers, never found their cut of the Ninja Turtle beat-em-up character market. Super Megaforce is only the latest to falter for the same reason. It’s a complicated problem actually, whether the hokey Americanization of Japanese TV elicits such a feeling or otherwise. The builds, the cameras, the editing; it’s all dynamically specific in tonalities and proud of its international weirdness.”

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 (Xbox 360) Review


“It’s cheesy and campy because it should be. That’s the tone. Ghostly Adventures is splendidly colorful and soft, a Saturday morning adventure that is as eclectic as it is smooth in motion. Like the iconic brethren which spawned the ghost-chomping maw of Pac-Man, Ghostly Adventures is best played beside a soggy bowl of marshmallow cereal while wearing pajamas in preparation for an all-weekend bender of childhood proportions.”

Read my full review of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 at Pulp 365

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