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On MLB: The Show 16 and Chaos

MLB(R) The Show(TM) 16

“Sony’s San Diego Studio has been working on The Show since 2006; they’ve spent years building up these details. Their organic approach to sports simulations is unparalleled, enough to oust their rival 2K Sports from the world baseball games entirely as of 2013. San Diego Studio’s baseball has matured into an unpredictable, dicey, and irregular sim. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be baseball. 2K couldn’t catch up, so they dropped out.”

Read my feature on MLB: The Show 16 via Playboy

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Knack (PS4) Review


“This is a punishing third-person adventure, soured by ill-conceived checkpoints and misalignment of dodge techniques. Knack embeds its retro dogma with malice, unapologetic about what audience it is trying to reach through gameplay. It is at odds with a softened, even rotund character aesthetic of a hero doctor and plucky adoptive adventurer who typically provide safe passage from Knack’s ill-advised decisions. Knack has the look of Saturday morning special and ferociousness of many NES greats. And, its rich violence mimics a Mike Tyson fight.”

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