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How the Battletoads Defined Rare and the Industry


“Rare’s future was set by what the Battletoads did. They paved the way for the infamously crude Conker’s Bad Fur Day’s obsession with fecal humor. Blood sprays and sexual jokes defined Rare’s résumé by late 1994’s Killer Instinct. Saturated color schemes seemed laid out for Rare’s upcoming litany of Nintendo 64 3D classics, like Banjo Kazooie and Jet Force Gemini, or better still their oddball Xbox 360 animal corralling simulation, Viva Pinata. The Battletoads’ legacy was crucial.”

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Rare Replay Review


“Characters such as theirs were few. They had charm, they had an animated fervor, and certainly they had personality. Even when pixel counts didn’t allow for any of it, Rare’s gift of ingenuity made it work. Their romps on the ZX Spectrum defined not only Rare, but much of European game design. Stubby, bouncy, and often laborious platform and isometric games were key exports…

Europe was swamped with them, always pinched by the restraints of home computers of the early ’80s. Japanese designers focused on precision. European designs were about the identity, precision be damned.”

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