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Terminator: Genisys Review


“Paramount’s logo fades and the retelling of a fateful day when machines take control spreads across screens in a titanic display of impersonal nuclear fury – for the fourth time in the series. The introductory chunk of Genisys is fanatical about repeating the past in this way. Scenes recall key incidents and nostalgic moments in a blur of expository storytelling. Time-crossing Terminators find themselves, identical Terminators fight as if Genisys were invaded by fan fiction, and shape shifting Terminators melt. When it’s over, Genisys hits a full stall, but there is no wish for the guns to come back. Please, no more guns in this Terminator movie. To think those words would ever be uttered.”

Read my full review of Terminator Genisys at DoBlu

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