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The Little Mermaid 3D Blu-ray Review


Little Mermaid is easy to criticize for its pale imagination in storytelling – a love struck female existing only to lust over a square-jawed prince – hitting fantasy cliché branches before being clubbed over the head by the boards they would make. But, Little Mermaid rushes in with complications to a simpleton narrative, and ushers in side characters with whimsy to push away from nauseatingly generic tropes of princess fiction. Romance is bumpy and still heartfelt, intruded on yet still determined.”

Read my full Little Mermaid Blu-ray review at DoBlu

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DuckTales Remastered: Better Off Dead?


“We have changed. Our games are easier, lengthier, and more astute, yet pinning WayForward to a wall over decisions made 20 years ago, within what are now unfathomable hardware limitations, is ludicrous. DuckTales was specially crafted for a consumer market of broad differences from our own, and to spawn bile due to swinging expectations is to show voluminous disdain for a near incalculable swatch of our history, not only Capcom’s Disney success story.”

Read the full editorial at MultiplayerGames.com

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