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Shovel Knight (Wii U) Review


“This is a videogame, but it’s also a performance of cherished, kooky art outside of the more comfortable wrappings of emotional storytelling. Shovel Knight’s creation of controller gripping jitters is the nature of its exhibition. Level design – and thus the reactions to it – is as much a talent, skill, and art as developing empathy through digital scripting.”

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Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) Review


“This is Mario, an enduring hero traversing all manner of panoramic beauty to save the world from destruction. Only here, Mario 3D World displays elegance of designs built on the ideals sprawled across decades of perfectionism. While Nintendo branded virtuosoes appear to have perfected their craft, they implausibly hone their arsenal further. Most impressively, it does not render the old outclassed, merely familiar. They never age, like Mario or the kid still buried inside all of us clamoring to make another leap across chasms of certain death… virtually of course. This is more than a reason to purchase a Wii U; it’s a reason to play videogames.”

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The Wonderful 101 (Wii U) Review


The Wonderful 101 is masterful in its treatment of assumptions. Tutorials are brisk and lacking clarity. Explanations are confusing. Mechanisms are untouched by text.

And yes, we currently inhabit a “safe” gaming landscape of bothersome pop-ups and ridiculed hand holding. For many, they are exaggerated, yet The Wonderful 101′s gameplay identity veers from standards while offering no guidance toward fundamental systems. Platinum has created an in-studio idea hog without letting everyone else take part. Even hours in, pieces feel lost or missing, yet they most likely exist, albeit outside of noted controls.”

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Rayman Legends (Xbox 360) Review


“In many ways, Rayman has won. South France’s Ubisoft Montpellier has catapulted a creation who lied dormant (or superseded by manic Rabbids) into the forefront of this once Nintendo dominated province. European developed platformers have traditionally been locked to lethargic motions meant for a populace groomed on simpleton home computers. Legends, even as a sequel, is a revelation to those comatose, barrier driven character runs.”

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Disney’s Planes (Wii U) Review


“Smacking of current trends, softening offspring from potential failure, Planes smites players by removing impacting interactivity for musty – if colorful – flights of helpful activities. Scornful depictions of national stereotypes (El Chupacabra a broadly painted Mexican Lucha Libre) smile as they dust crops, paint barns, or magnetize forklifts, superficial activities with no means of failure. Even missing one of three target times (or scores) provides a shiny bronze, “You tried!” badge.”

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Pikmin 3 (Wii U) Review


“Nature is unexpected and cruel; so is Pikmin. Video games often break themselves of conventional appeal by dashing into bleak confrontation. Subsequently alienated is a broad audience, more so than schizophrenic art house cinema baffles Hollywood’s summer movie patrons. In what remains a specialty market, we often corner ourselves in perceived wants, while dissociating ourselves from implications of change. Nintendo’s steadfast adherence to formula is uniquely comforting, which only works if the established baseline is compelling.”

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Game & Wario (Wii U) Review


Game & Wario is an inviting and leisurely stroll into nutty ideas surrounding a GamePad peripheral most of Nintendo’s Wii audience still doesn’t understand. To that end, maybe Nintendo Land should be junked as a pack-in, replaced by this madcap design frenzy. Functionality is broad and inventive, daring knowing failure can rest on the shoulders of other mini-successes.”

Read the full review at Blogcritics.

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