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Costume Quest 2 (Xbox One) Review


“But then it’s over. Six hours, maybe a touch more. All of those fancy timed attacks and defensive stances are whisked away as credits roll on a welcoming block party. These Halloween festivities are shutting down. Costume Quest 2 is too short, but ignoring the lean value proposition of Double Fine’s work, such a fleeting length is sensible. Soon the two leads Wren and Reynold will ditch their costumes. Christmas will close in. In a wider metaphor, they’ll grow up. These rare nights of dimly lit pumpkin carvings, creative make-up application, and fantasy will whittle away… fast. Making it so brief is as much of a message as Costume Quest 2’s gender-blind style.”

Read my full review of Costume Quest 2 at Pulp365

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Shadow Warrior (PS4) Review

Shadow Warrior_20141025210604

“In that mix is a criss-crossing of Asian cultures, teetering on the lines of sensible good taste in the way only westerners fail to distinguish between foreign lands. Flashback to Charlie Chan and Fu Manchu; they’re both blanketed over Lo Wang in a disrespectful hodge podge. For most of Shadow Warrior, the joke is meant to cascade over those who are riotously slashing at underworld demons. Then for whatever reason, Shadow Warrior sees itself dipping into loosely religious codes for honor and respect as if a video game playing on the nature of “Wang” should carry those allegiances. Credit is due though for this showcase of stereotyping hutzpah, which is stupid and dangerous in current social climates which seek inclusiveness, but it’s comically daring despite the flip-flopping tonality.”

Read my full review of Shadow Warrior at Pulp365

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Evil Within (Xbox One) Review


“Sebastian Castellanos is leashed to the controller, a figidity detective senselessly holding onto reality amongst a swarm of demons while cloaked in garb best meant for a cop cosplayer on a convention floor. This is absurd. All of if it. It’s less terrifying than it is awkward, if undoubtedly Japanese in its vintage linearity. Evil Within transitions from juxtaposition to juxtaposition without its own notable lexicon. Cities are spectacularly crumbling with the visage of mega-budget software before Sebastian is incoherently dropped into a forest and then thrust into what appears to be a misshapen internal reality. Evil Within is ambiguous because it doesn’t want to give answers – or maybe it doesn’t have them at all.”

Read my full review of Evil Within at Pulp365

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Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) Review


Forza Horizon 2 may be the first exclusive to blow up Microsoft’s ideas of Xbox One to magnified size, that living room entertainment center where people gather to watch or play. Through tinkering functions, gameplay, system-level video capturing, and a blitz of in-game photography options, Horizon 2’s depth of sharing potential is monumental without exposing any stifling “games as a service” mantras.”

Read my full review of Forza Horizon 2 at Pulp365

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Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox One) Review


Tomb Raider is a seamless world, the island pieced together by cavernous World War II ruins and fettered gunplay. Solarii feel less like captive victims of this isolated ocean encampment and more like wildlife, spread wide across Yamatai landmarks in impossible numbers. Crystal Dynamics hoists firearm battles on the smooth back of capable aiming mechanics and satisfying bursts of bullet impacts. There is a rawness and rush of survival within each skirmish. Polish is impeccable.”

Read my full review of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition at Classic Game Room

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Powerstar Golf (Xbox One) Review


“Stepping up to Powerstar Golf means inhaling digitally fresh air – it’s clean and pure even amongst dank basement game rooms. There is a purity which flushes some the eccentricity of Japanese developed golf in an exchange for vividly calming, picturesque sport. Despite only a drizzle of stimulating energy and almost becoming unseated by its money exchange rate, Powerstar is a swanky gig.”

Read my full review of Powerstar Golf at Classic Game Room

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Peggle 2 (Xbox One) Review


“Until then, magical words such as “splendiferous” suit Peggle 2, a genuinely chill retread of popularized pachinko. PopCap’s affectionate touches splash Peggle Masters with deliriously adorable animations. They grow worried as games near an end, celebrate fantastical shots, and grow continually shocked as high scores add digits. Backgrounds splurge on secondary faces, particularly a pair of bleating goats who obnoxiously taunt errant shots. It is a frisky and cute overload.

Thus, you cannot hate Peggle 2. That would be like hating kittens who are playing with babies in a field of angelic Tulips at full bloom – all under a rainbow. People can dissect intentions under the auspicious banner of publisher EA or draw conclusions about held back content for the sake of DLC. This review just did. But: Kittens. Rainbows. Babies. Flowers. It is all so beautiful. Enjoy the zen.”

Read my full Peggle 2 review at Blogcritics

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Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) Review


“What was conceived as a distinctly Japanese look at American culture (with uniquely Japanese design ideals) has completed a shift toward Westernized appeal. This explains a grittier vibe and touches of preposterous grindhouse cinema. DR3 is otherwise frustratingly serious in its direct narrative. There is no underlying satire and plot developments lean toward sweeping government corruption with limited touches of population control.”

Read my full review of Dead Rising 3 at Blogcritics

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Ryse (Xbox One) Review


Ryse drapes itself in visual progression, covering up and patching its trivial update to Sega’s 16-bit Golden Axe. Ryse merely manipulates a growing need for spectacular cruelty. Marius becomes a mythical hero, a champion to be celebrated after he maims men wearing animal skins while standing on a ground made of skulls. It is simple fetishistic sword clashing fantasy, where people yell and die in overly loud pockets of conflict. Nothing here is new, but it’s pretty in a sweaty, blood stained, mass grave sort of way.”

Read my full review of Ryse at Blogcritics


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Podcast: Entertainment 2.0 – E3 & Microsoft

ent2dot0“It’s finally the week of the E3, and that means that the Microsoft, Sony, and all of the other giants of the video game industry are parading their new products. It also means that we finally get most of the rest of the details on the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. While Josh loves gaming, and Richard loves gadgets, they just didn’t think they could do the topic justice on their own, so this week they are joined by Matt Paprocki from DoBlu and the Seen in HD podcast.”

You can listen in at the Digital Media Zone.

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