About Me

Writer person for 20 years. Collector of things. Home theater calibrator. Godzilla nut. 843 Paragon in Diablo III.

Nestled between a labyrinthine collection of video games & consoles sits this freelancer seen in Washington Post, Variety, Rolling Stone/Gixel, Forbes, ArsTechnica, Polygon, IGN, Gamespot, Inverse, Playboy, GamesRadar, PC Gamer, Paste Games, Zam, DoBlu, Retro Gamer Magazine UK, and others.

Those requiring additional information can cruise an online resume, plus make contact for contract work and podcast appearances via email (PaprockiMatt [at] gmail [dot] com). Are you a PR rep? Please use (PaprockiMattPress [at] gmail [dot] com. Or, use the spiffy WordPress form below:

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